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ideal location
On the west coast of the United States, just outside of the city of Seattle, in a small town of Bothell, Washington is the ... SAFE, MODERN, AND FRIENDLY campus of Cascadia College.


At Cascadia, the focus is your future with small classes, exceptional professors, and individual support.


You can attend campus events, participate in organized activities, and get involved in clubs and student goverment.


Live with an american family or rent an apartments with friends. decide which you prefer and we will help you.
achieve academic excellence

english language program

Cascadia’s English Language Program is a SIX-LEVEL PROGRAM. Upon successful completion of the sixth level, students may enroll in Cascadia College 100-level courses without meeting other testing requirements.

high school completion

At Cascadia, students can learn English and earn a high school degree at the same time.

top university transfer

Start by completing your basic course requirements by earning your associate degree at Cascadia. An associate degree from a community college is similar to the first two years of a bachelor’s degree at a university. Then, we help you transfer to a leading university to complete your bachelor’s degree in only two more years.

Cascadia students transfer to excellent universities throughout the United States including Cornell University, George Washington University, John Hopkins University, University of California at Berkeley and at Los Angeles, University of Washington and many others.

Popular major include:

• Art
• Biology
• Business
• Chemistry
• Computer Science
• Engineering
• Environmental Science
• Global Studies
• Mathematics
• Physics
• Psychology
experience the best of america!


At Cascadia, you will have opportunities to make friends, explore new ideas, and experience American culture while you pursue your first two years of college.
what’s next?

Complete the following 4 steps:

1 Complete the application form and submit $50 application fee.
2 Provide a current bank statement.
3 Submit a copy of the photo page of your passport.
4 Provide high school and college transcripts.

If you have a copy of your IELTS or TOEFL scores, please submit them.



• A safe and friendly home environment for students studying in a Bothell and surrounding community.
• An excellent opportunity to learn about the culture and lifestyle of the United States.
• No need to worry about furniture; all will be provided.


Cascadia is located in close proximity to several apartment complexes, such as the ones below. (Please note that students must be at least 18 years old to rent an apartment in the United States.)
Cascadia Arrangements for Student Apartments (CASA) helps our students set up their apartments with furnishings. We work with CORT to provide furnished options during your times at Cascadia College.

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